Denver Metro's Premier Dog Behavior Consultant

My passion is helping you and your dog have a successful relationship!

I'll provide you with a comprehensive strategy to achieve your training goals, with specialization ranging from new puppy training to training for the unique needs of shelter and rescue pets. With Respectful K9, your pet will benefit from the safe learning environment that positive reinforcement techniques create.

  • Private, one-on-one sessions at your home
  • Customize training plans tailored to your pace and specific goals
  • Serving the area within 20 miles of Littleton, Colorado
  • Limited consultation and referral assistance available for severe aggression cases

From Basics to Behavior Modification

While I love working on basic manners and puppy training, my real strength lies in helping dogs with reactivity, separation anxiety, and aggression concerns.

People Care

My first responsibility is to you - the owner. I will support you as an owner through difficult behavioral concerns and help you be happy and safe with your dog.

Better Lives Together

By helping you with your dog’s behavior concerns large and small, I help you and your pet have a happier and enriched relationship.

We use only positive reinforcement & force free training.

Respectful K9 has a proven track record of helping dogs who:

  • Bark, lunge, or growl on leash
  • Become destructive when left alone
  • Hide from new things
  • Are afraid of thunderstorms, car rides, vacuums, and more
  • Jump on visitors
  • Need basic manners
  • Don't like sharing their food or toys
  • Shelter or rescue dogs that need a training reboot