What clients have to say about Respectful K9:


Evergreen Animal Protection League

Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) is very fortunate to have the privilege to work with Respectful K9 Dog Training. Our foster homes rave about their time spent with Alina. They love her detailed "how to training memos & handouts" to continue training in-between her on site visits. Over here at EAPL, we have not only saved dogs in their newly adoptive homes stay in their homes BUT together with Respectful K9 Dog Training we have been able work on behavior modifications changes while the pets are in our foster care homes so that our pets are more adoptable to their forever homes! Thank you so much for all of your many many hours of dedication to our pets, we could not do it without you! THANK YOU! From The EAPL Volunteers

Kathryn and Coconut

We just want to thank Alina for working with us to train Coconut, our now 5-month old Westie. Alina has been coming to our home to do private training sessions since Coconut was 3 months old. She is patient and tolerant with all of our questions and follows up with detailed lesson plans and additional resources. From basic commands to not barking at other dogs and walking on a leach, Alina is competent and knowledgeable and Coconut loves her. It feels like Alina is as invested in Coconut growing up to be a good dog as much as we are. Coconut is a work in progress and we still need practice, but she is turning into a well-behaved, polite member of our family largely due to Alina’s expertise and dedication.



Mountain Pet Rescue

Sharing our belief that proper introductions and training is just as important as veterinary care for a successful adoption, Alina provides invaluable support to Mountain Pet Rescue dogs. Alina communicates well with both dogs and people. I love that she incorporates TTouch and essential oils, as needed, into her positive reinforcement, science based training and that every foster/adopter is given a personalized plan with very detailed hands on instruction. MPR dogs are so lucky to have the training support of Alina and Respectful K9 Dog Training!

J.J. and Lucy

Alina really knows her stuff! She helped my foster dog turn into a warm, loving and trusting little girl that I eventually adopted. Alina absolutely loves dogs and she will do anything to help. 

I won't go to anyone but Alina for help!



Sue and Rogan

Alina is very knowledgeable and teaches gentle but firm techniques using positive reinforcement and interactive methods. She provided our family with helpful methods to assist our young pup, Rogan, in being an obedient growing dog.

Amanda and Magnus

I was first introduced to Alina thru Evergreen Animal Protective League where I adopted my 2 year old American Bulldog, Magnus. I had very little experience training dogs, and with Magnus being deaf I knew I wanted some professional help to not only train but also simply communicate with him.  And, let’s be honest here, I needed more training than Magnus. 
Being a personal trainer (for humans), I had several questions about her background and technique. Before meeting in person, we spoke on the phone and Alina took inventory of WHAT I wanted to get out of the obedience training. She was also very honest about not having worked with many deaf dogs, but she was excited to take on a new challenge. 
Despite being over 30 minutes away from her home, Alina gladly agreed to train at my home so Magnus could learn with little to no distraction. Alina is thorough and gladly researches any questions I have that she doesn’t immediately know the answer. She also gladly shares articles and additional tips and tricks. Her training goes beyond the one hour sessions, she follows up after our appointments and answers any follow up questions I may have.
Plus, Magnus LOVES her and is so excited every time she comes to my home, which makes training that much easier and stress free.
I would HIGHLY recommend Alina (Respectful K9) if you’re looking for a personalized training program for you and your pup!